Blocked Drain

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A blocked drain can occur when you least expect it. They are a nuisance to deal with and in most cases, are a job you want a professional in the field to deal with. Using technology that is far superior to other plumbing services in Perth, the plumbers at Plumbing & Gas Brothers WA clean your drains, reline and replace pipes to ensure you don’t experience further blockages. We pride ourselves in providing expert advice and service, and no job is too large.


There are several reasons why using a qualified local plumber is recommended when you experience a blocked drain. Firstly, blocked drains can occur from a variety of causes including grease from cooking which sticks around the inner lining of the pipes. Built up grease can block the passage of your drain system. Heavy rains and stormwater can put excess pressure on your drainage which can ultimately block the system and cause damage to your property. Foreign objects are also a very common way to cause blockage as the drainage system is not equipped to cope with these items. A qualified plumber is recommended to address these issues as they could worsen if not attended to correctly.

One of the most common reasons we find our customers needing assistance with blocked drains is that their pipes have been installed with poor craftsmanship. Whether its pipes installed in the incorrect size or drains that negate water flow, poorly installed drains are a common problem in plumbing. This is, however, where Plumbing & Gas Brothers WA comes in. We are a full-service plumbing and gas provider with a team of plumbers with experience clearing drains blocked with a wide range of objects.

No matter the reason you require a plumber for your drains, Plumbing & Gas Brothers WA can help. To get a quote call us on 08 6150 9495.

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